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Young Voice Foundation

Who are we?

Coming to life in 2021, Young Voice Foundation is a Philanthropic Organisation raising much needed funds for charities doing incredible work in protecting the children of Australia from sexual assault and exploitation.


The team at Young Voice know how relevant this topic still is and aims to use their ever growing platform to build awareness around the challenges parents and families are still faced around safety and protection of children.

Everything we do comes from a passion to protect our own children, whom we love with all our hearts. 


What we do

We do with kindness, compassion and care.


How we help

Working to make our collected voices heard

At Young Voice we are a small organisation with a big purpose and that purpose is to ultimately be the voice behind the Charities working hard to fight child sexual assault in Australia in the hopes to broaden the awareness of this major issue; as well as help connect those who may need to use these services. 

Currently, we do this by widening the platform through social media (Facebook and Instagram in particular) and continuing the conversation. 


One of our main goals is to ensure that the most important work being done is not going unnoticed.

Donations, events and more...

Raising funds

Our goal is to create events that collective charities can come together to participate in and ultimately raise much needed funds to continue this invaluable work.


By creating and participating in events such as Ultra marathons, the Bravehearts 777 Marathon week, fun runs, selling DIY projects, creating donated clothing sale days and events like Gala dinners as well as raffle prizes we hope to attract a stronger community presence that far reaches the ACT alone.

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We do everything with purpose.



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